Activated carbon block

Water treatment filter cartridges with coconut shells activated carbon block for removing volatile organic substances, chlorine, flavours and bad odours from water.

The TS CA cartridge reduces chlorine, odours, tastes, and filters sediments in the water, thanks to the pleated polyester fabric impregnated with active[...]

Reduce chlorine, odours and tastes, filter sediment, prevent biofouling, thanks to the activated carbon-impregnated polyester pleated fabric of the TS CA[...]

The CA SE SX (DOE) filter cartridges with a sintered activated carbon block from coconut shells are used for a vast range of water treatments.

The CA SE BX (SOE-o-ring 222) filter cartridges with quick coupling and double 45 mm o-ring are made of a block of activated carbon obtained from coconut[...]

The CA-SE HF BX Micro-filtration and Ultrafiltration cartridges are made of a fibre cable module (Ster-O-Tap system) surrounded by a sintered activated[...]

The CB-EC SX (DOE) filter cartridges with a sintered activated carbon block obtained from coconut shells, filter and treat water contaminated from[...]

The CB-EC BIG SX (DOE) filter cartridges with external diameter of 4.50” are suitable for DP BIG housings made with activated carbon filtering blocks from c[...]

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