High pressure

High pressure water filters: filter housings for special cartridges suitable to work at high operating pressures and high temperatures, in different models and configurations.   

The K DP SX - BX high pressure water filters are made with brass manifold and capable of resisting up to 10 bar.

The K DP water filters dedicated to filtering high pressure water are supplied with brass manifold to resist operating stresses up to 10 bar.

The water filters FX-AF BX are housings for water filtration at high pressures. They are suitable for BX (SOE – o-ring 222) cartridges

The FX-AF CX water filters designed for high pressures are built with a stainless steel bowl AISI 304 and a brass manifold, can house cartridges CX (SOE – o[...]

The XX SX water filters used for high pressures are suitable for treatment of water in applications with high stress levels and pressure spikes.

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