Water filter housings

Water filter housings SANIC with antibacterial technology: for cartridges, in the single, double or triple models, suitable for special SX and BX SANIC type antimicrobial cartridges.

The PLUS 3P SX SANIC (DOE) bacteriostatic filters, with antimicrobial protection use the silver ion action against bacterial proliferation throughout the[...]

The PLUS 3P BX SANIC (SOE – o-ring 222) bacteriostatic water filters use the silver ions properties in order to contrast bacterial proliferation t[...]

The DP SANIC water filters with antimicrobial technology have bacteriostatic properties and functions.

The DP BIG SANIC antimicrobial water filters represent an exclusive solution for the market, patented, capable of combining advanced performance for large[...]

Bacteriostatic water filters DP BIG F SANIC are antimicrobial housings suitable for special cartridges with an external diameter of 4.5”, characterised by a[...]

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