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Atlas Filtri: water filtration and treatment since 1975

For more than 40 years we have taken on a role of primary importance in the water filtration and water treatment thanks to design, production and distribution of components for potable water filtration and equipment for water treatment for civil or industrial use on national and international scale.
The wide range of products, constantly updated in order to offer new and customised solutions, exclusive technology, crown jewel of internal production, a care for details fully following the Made in Italy tradition, confirm our company’s reliability and expertise, always aimed at a constant improvement and capillary worldwide distribution.
Today our Group is leader in the home and technical water filtration sector, thanks to a modern and efficient corporate organisation, ready to tackle the future challenges and to be even closer to the requirements of new markets: Atlas Filtri, the lead company, central seat of the group, assigned to the production and export into more than 90 countries around the world; Atlas Filtri North America and Atlas Filtri Far East, commercial and logistic offices respectively in North America and in the Far East.  Atlas Filtri operates in Italy with more than 20 agencies, and it has an internal division focused on the development and design of water filtration and treatment systems, standard or customised based on particular customer requests.

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