Magnetic sludge removal filters

Magnetic sludge removal filters FDM designed for boilers, in models 1P, 2 and 3: the ideal solution to protect your thermal system from damage caused by magnetic particles, rust and impurities that can be found in water. Available in different models and variants. Greater efficiency for the installer.

FDM-1ME is a compact and easy to install magnetic sludge removal filter, suitable to protect the boiler against magnetic and non-magnetic particles which[...]

The FDM-1P magnetic sludge removal filters are the ideal solution to resolve system issues due to particle contamination (especially rust and[...]

The magnetic sludge removal filters FDM-2 ensure continuous boiler protection, trapping all the impurities that are in the system, keeping[...]

The FDM-3 magnetic sludge filter removes magnetic and non-magnetic particles that can damage the closed circuit, especially during the initial[...]

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