Water treatment filter cartridges with polyphosphate cristals for an effective anti-scaling and anti-corrosion treatment.

The HA SX (DOE) anti-scale cartridges with polyphosphate crystals prevent deposits and limescale from forming.

The HA BX (SOE- o-ring 222) anti-scale cartridges with polyphosphate crystals blocking limescale action, protecting the pipes from limescale and[...]

Plastic container HA MIGNON SX filled with polyphosphate crystals for antiscale water conditioning

HA Big is a water treatment cartridge containing polyphosphate crystals.

Melt blown BT CPP HA SX (DOE) polypropylene anti-scale cartridges with polyphosphate crystals at 5 and 25 micron

The BT CPP HA BX anti-scale cartridges are bi-treatment filters: they offer an efficient pre-filter and prevent limescale using polyphosphate crystals

The cartridges BT RL HA SX combining sediment filtration with protection and anti-scale and anti-corrosive treatment

The washable cartridges with polyester net BT RL HA BX (SOE-o-ring 222) have a filtration degree equal to 50 micron and are suitable for removing[...]

The MIGNON cartridges with washable net in polyester and polyphosphate crystals BT RL HA SX (DOE) can be installed in the specific MIGNON housings with a[...]

The anti-scale filter cartridges FA HA SX (DOE) are made of a filter block of polypropylene wound wire filled with polyphosphate crystals.

The anti-scale filter cartridges in wound polypropylene wire FA HA BX (SOE-o-ring 222) offer an effective pre-filtration of sediments

The CPP HA SX (DOE) anti-scale cartridges combine the filter action of the Melt-blown polypropylene block with the anti-corrosion and anti-scale[...]

The CPP HA BX (SOE - o ring 222) anti-scale cartridges use the filter block made in melt-blown polypropylene to filter sediments and suspended[...]

The MIGNON CPP HA SX (DOE) anti-scale cartridges are suitable for MIGNON housings, 5”M high and can easily adapt to reduced spaces.

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