Cold Water

Cold water filters: filter housings for filtration and water treatment that are suitable for various configurations of cartridges, available in many heights and variations.

The PLUS 2P SX 2 piece water filters are suitable for housing standard SX (DOE) cartridges.

The PLUS 3P SX 3 piece water filters are suitable for housing SX (DOE) standard filter cartridges

The PLUS 3P BX 3 piece water filters are specifically designed to house BX cartridges with quick coupling and double 45 mm o-ring (SOE - o-ring 222).

The PLUS 3P CX 3 piece water filtration filters are suitable for CX cartridges with quick coupling and double 57 mm o-ring (SOE – o-ring 226) 10” and 20” heigh[...]

The MIGNON PLUS water filters are housings suitable for exclusive 5” size M SX (DOE) cartridges with external diameter of 50 mm, 5” height.

Water filters MICRO are the most compact filter housings of the range. Besides the reduced size, which even special cartridges adapt to, are characterised[...]

Water filter DP MONO, DUO or TRIO by Atlas Filtri are housings for filtration, one or more stages, capable of housing both SX cartridges with standard flat[...]

Water filters DP DS are equipped with 360° offset rotating connection unit, capable of easily connecting to horizontal and vertical piping.

Water filters DP BIG are housings specifically designed for cartridges SX (DOE) with external diameter of 4.5”.

Water filters DP BIG F, available in the variants MONO, DUO and TRIO (with one or more filtration layers) are equipped with metal frame.

The Hydropul cleaning filters are a powerful solution for filtration of cold water at the inlet.

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