The SAND quartzite filters are used to reduce water turbidity (clarifying process) silt, clay, sand and colloidal substances.

The impurities accumulated by the filter masses are periodically removed with a counter-current washing.
The counter-current washing frequency can be programmed in time mode (Models SAND ATL - ATM time based) or based on the volume of treated water (SAND AVL – AVM volume based). The system size and models vary based on requested capacity and the turbidity present in the water to be filtered.
The SAND water clarification devices are supplied with accessories that make installation easier and are certified at the international level for quality and safety


Sand filters for removing silt, clay, sand and colloidal substances
IN/OUT 1” connection
Intuitive display for full control
Time or volume control valve in NORYL
Treatment material: monocrystalline spherical quartzite sand and granite of flood origin with high content of silica
Maximum operating temperature: 50°C (122 F)
Maximum operating pressure: 6 bar (87 psi)
Atoxic materials, suitable for potable water
Easy maintenance thanks to periodic counter-current washing of the filter material using water
Easy programming using the display
Automatic washing
Home, technical and industrial use and for potable water

Accessories on demand

Chlorine/iron/arsenic test drops
Manual by-pass for 255/263/268 valve