The MARS iron removers remove iron and manganese present in well water and aquifers, improving water quality for home, technical and industrial use (iron removing process).

They are made of a column containing a filter bed made of manganese dioxide (pyrolusite) that acts as a catalyst to oxidise dissolved iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide. Performance is guaranteed by the periodic automatic counter-current washing capable of eliminating iron residue deposits inside the filter.
The MARS iron removers for water can be activated through an electronic timer programmer (ATM - with time controlled valve) or thanks to a turbine flow and counter turbine used to determine the volume of treated water (AVL- with volume control valve).
They are equipped with a kit for easy installation.


Iron removal filters for removing iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide
IN/OUT 1” connection
Easily programmable display
Time or volume control valve in NORYL
Standard treatment material: pyrolusite
Treatment material available upon request: Birm, Manganese Greensand
Maximum operating temperature: 50°C (122 F)
Maximum operating pressure: 6 bar (87 psi)
Atoxic materials, suitable for potable water
Easy maintenance with periodic counter-current washing of the filter material using water
Full control with display
Programming the wash based on requirements
Home, technical and industrial use, potable water

Accessories on demand

Chlorine/iron/arsenic test drops
Manual by-pass for 255/263/268 valve