The DOSAPROP PLUS polyphosphate crystals dosing system is used as an anti-scale and anti-corrosion system and is destined for home and technical/industrial use.

Supplied with a particular suction device based on the Venturi effect, the anti-scale filter releases a controlled quantity of polyphosphate, blocking deposits and limescale from forming and protecting the inside of pipes.
The DOSAPROP PLUS proportional dosing systems are available in 2 main version with brass or plastic IN/OUT size 3/4", 1", BSP and NPT:
- Model 3P with polyphosphate crystals and model 3P HA with polyphosphate crystals cartridge, 5", 7", 10" height.
- Model 2P with polyphosphate crystals and model 2P HA with polyphosphate crystals cartridge, 4", 7", 10" height.
A series of accessories is available upon request.

Main products

Anti-scale unit with Venturi effect for proportional dosage of polyphosphate
Models Dosaprop Plus with 2 or 3 pieces
IN/OUT female 3/4", 1” connections
Thread with brass and plastic insert, BSP and NPT
4”, 5”, 7", 10" heights
Head: Reinforced polypropylene
Bowl: SAN
Polyphosphate refill: polyphosphate loose crystals or HA polyphosphate crystals cartridge
Maximum operating temperature: 35°C (95° F)
Maximum operating pressure, BSP versions: 8 bar (116 psi)
Maximum operating pressure, NPT versions: 8,6 bar (125 psi)
Maximum water hardness 50° f (500 ppm CaCo3)
Atoxic materials, suitable for potable water
The polyphosphate dosing is proportional to the water flow
Better thermal efficiency and systems protection
Decreased energy costs and low operating costs
Restoration of old systems with reduction of limescale and corrosion in progress
Easy and quick maintenance

Accessories on demand

-U- spanner
-S- Wall bracket
3/4"-1" brass nipples with o-ring
3/4 plastic nipple with o-ring
-LUBRIKIT- lubricant for housing o-ring

video gallery

Installation and use of anti-scale water conditioning polyphosphate crystals dosing systems