New entry of Dese Plast into the Atlas Filtri group


Atlas Filtri has acquired control of Dese Plast, a company specialized in injection molding of thermoplastic materials.

This is an active collaboration that has been ongoing for several years, allowing the two companies to work side by side in the production of water filters. From this experience, a strong professional bond and operational synergy have emerged, leading to significant innovations in the sector, improving the quality and efficiency of the products offered.

The approach and expertise of Dese Plast, combined with the strength and solidity of the Atlas Filtri Group, constitute a winning combination that will enable both entities to grow both in domestic and foreign markets.

Daniele Costantini, President of Atlas Filtri: "The new subsidiary will focus on production aspects, concentrating on research and development to improve the quality and efficiency in the use of raw materials. Dese Plast, with whom we have had a consolidated relationship for years, will join an international group, thus expanding its reference markets. This acquisition marks a natural step in the Company's growth path, fitting into a broader strategic plan that involves the integration of national and international partners, in order to pursue a constant, sustainable, and long-term global expansion."

This entrepreneurial integration represents a new step in the managerial growth journey of a major international player, rooted in solid and healthy family tradition, with local roots.


The collaboration between Atlas Filtri and Dese Plast will bring significant benefits and advantages, marking the beginning of a path to shared success.